Moonlight and Animals is the first product in my new Cottage Core collection in Abbey & Lincoln.

This is a sweatshirt I would buy – and I probably will. I love the graphic. The woodland is vibe is something I can really get with.

In knitting news: the stash busting continues. The Dacia pattern is done and although I wasn’t thinking of making the actual scarf to sell in the shop, that decision seems to be more fluid than I thought. There’s also another Ayrshire Beanie on the needles and the next project up is a baby hat!

We had a craft show over the weekend and even though we were under a tent, the heat was above 90 and one can get exhausted doing almost nothing. The good thing: made more than double my table fee. The really good thing: the only thing I sold were scrubbies and washcloths. I feel vindicated making them now. 

We were situated by the food trucks and Mr. Honey opted for the monster gyros. That thing was $17 and between the two of us, we still couldn’t finish it and never touched the pita. It was piled with meat and delish! There was also a spot called the Lovely Lemon. We tired the lemonade which was very goo, but the blue raspberry lemonade had me praising God! It was $7 for a generous 24 ounces. 

It was the first time North Aurora Park District put on the craft show and I would probably do it again. The weather was probably the main reason the crowd was not that big but the time went fairly quickly. We definitely got our exercise in with loading and unloading. The next thing on my list to buy is a wagon. We had one but someone lifted it. 

We had a show in September but it was just cancelled so that leaves the one in November and the one in December. I think that’s probably enough. If the Oak Park Chamber of Commerce does another one, I’ll probably do that but otherwise, it’s create city over here. My list of things to make is now up to 30. No idle hands here. The devil will just have to play somewhere else.