There is truth to the the adage the best laid plans….wait, let’s use the original language, The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Gang aft a-gley. You make plans and then things go off on their own thing. If you want to read the poem, it’s worth a peek.

You can try and wrestle them back to the roadmap of you can chart a new course with them in mind or you can just follow and let them lead. There is no wrong answer to that, either. Well, that is to say, any of those choices could be the right thing to do.

I had decided on a plan to stock the shop and keep things up-to-date. The process would be to create a new item, photograph and  edit, the item. Create a new listing. Renew an older listing. Tweak a listing (using ERank Pro), do a yarn review, if applicable and then place the item into the Lookbook.

Not a bad plan. Unless you become obsessed with making planner stickers. And I have, they have awakened a lost love. When I first went into business, I designed business cards, logos, stationery, etc. I loved designing and now I have discovered I can design planner stickers. All I need is the software (and I have Canva and IPiccy), a printer – turns out the one I have in on a list for one of the best to print stickers, and some sticker paper. I thought using labels was good enough but it is not, so I have to make the investment.

Several pages are already in the books but haven’t been listed. I can list them as templates only until the printer paper gets here. Still has to be priced out but shoouldn’t take long to arrive. This is very exciting. I’ve calmed down enough to get back to a regular schedule but once the paper arrives; all bets are off.