I love going to Knitsville. In my head, it’s a place that’s kinda like Stars Hollow but without all the Stars Hollowness. It’s quaint but still manages to have some hustle and bustle. Everyone knits or crochets and a few of us do both. We love to laugh and dance. There’s a church on the corner – the only one in the whole town. But it has two drug stores.

Knitsville is the place I go everyday to work, play, pray and join with the spirit. Knitting is a spiritual thing here. It comforts and soothes and it can also excite. It is a source of learning and a source of pride. Crochet also belongs here and most of the time when knitting is said; it means both. 

It would be hard to explain what knitting means to me as a way to keep my mental health at its peak. It is an important aspect of my life – more than I ever knew it would be. And at the end of it, there are pretty things.