How Great Thou Digital Art: According to AI, this is Noah’s Ark. It’s pretty cool. AI is still in its infancy so while part of this rendition is cool; other parts still leave much to be desired.

The thing is, do any of us doubt AI will catch up to us and then surpass us? We may become as dependent on AI to do more and more things for us so we do less and less independent thinking.

At the same time, AI does give us access to getting to know the world a little better. I asked ai to produce this painting for me. I have also asked it t show me the Garden of Eden: actually not bad.


This is the AI generator I use.



But then I asked it for a portrait of Adam and Eve: I have no idea who they’re talking to or who or what that is in the background.

I am finding AI text more reliable than pics or photos, but as I said, I don’t think it will take too long for it to come around. As good as the images are, they are nothing compared to a human held brush working on canvas.

I will continue to use AI for some of my work and my designs. But I am going to monitor myself so I don’t lose sight, sound, touch or hearing of my humanity. I think about being 80 years old and sitting in front of a (hopefully) up to date laptop, marveling at what new technology will be before us and think back to when AI didn’t rule the world.