I don’t remember what my first crochet project was. I didn’t have yarn; I had a spool of thread I would crochet and then unwind. When I did get a bunch of yarn, it came with knitting needles so I moved towards knitting and didn’t crochet.

Crochet didn’t come back to me for decades until after I was married. My mother-in-law knit and crochet but was leaning towards crochet because it was easier on her hands and her eyes. Wanting to impress her, I purchased a ton of needles and hooks, some yarn and a book with knit and crochet afghans and I decided to do a granny square.

Except, it was more of a granny cup. I wasn’t getting the hang of what I was doing wrong. Though I started a knit group; most of the women crocheted. I asked one of them to show me where I was going wrong. I learned about increases and making corners. saved my crochet life and opened up to new possibilities. It wasn’t long after,

I sold a granny square afghan.

What is a good first crochet project? Dishcloths seem to be the popular first thing to learn. It’s shorter than a scarf, at least. Know what’s even shorter than a dishcloth? A coffee cup cozy. There’s tutorial in Knitsville U from Winding Road Crochet to talk you through them. It’s an easy to understand video and each pattern uses only single crochet. Get some pretty yarn and these simple projects carry a big impact.

I said before I am gaining a healthy respect for crochet. When I want to unwind, I will go to a project project because it’s easier and tactile. Don’t get me wrong; I love my knitting but crochet has earned a spot. I truly enjoy it.