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christmas stockings from designbcb

I’ve been a member of the knit community for years; decades even. I know this is still a thing and I risk it all by saying this but it must be said: I don’t like knitting socks

Unless they look like these. I don’t mind these socks. And yes, these are crochet stockings. I’ve knit a pair of socks and didn’t like it. Thought they were cute but it didn’t hit me as something I need ever do again.

But the other night, when it was as cold as anything and we were out there going to my birthday dinner; I gave thought to have a big, cozy pair of socks. I quickly modified that to a pair of cozy and thick leg warmers. Look, I get the obsession: they’re quick. Instant gratification. They even have a purpose. I get it. I just don’t get it. 

But crocheting a Christmas stocking I do get. And when I make them, it does not go unnoticed that I am making a big sock and with some modifications, I could make a regular sock. I see it. Making the stocking goes faster than making the socks ever did. 

I even have sock yarn in my stash. Granted, I did not buy it with the idea of making socks but there was always the option. Truth is, I won’t use it to make socks. I’m not making socks with sock yarn. The only other thing that drives me crazy than knitting socks; knitting socks with thin sock yarn.

It’s OK, right? I mean, the world hasn’t imploded. Time hasn’t stopped. No one has ever come to me while knitting in public and asked why I wasn’t knitting socks. It’s OK. We all have our thing. We all have our not thing. Knitting socks is not a thing for me.  Crocheting Christmas stockings is. It’s like how I don’t like doing the seed stitch but I don’t mind doing the 1×1 rib.  See what I mean? No? OK.