Normally, I don’t knit sweaters, but if I did:

I went trolling through Pinterest looking for a BoHo inspired KNIT sweater. Even with a specific search for a knit sweater, all the BoHo stuff was crocheted. You know I have nothing against crochet but I was interested in something knit. And there doesn’t seem to be a knit boho style like there is a crochet boho style. That says something about classism and elitism that might requre some looking into but I don’t want to start anything.

So, I put a search in for knitted sweaters thinking I would come across something knit that had a boho vibe. Well, I can’t say that ever really happened but I did see this comfy, squishy looking sweater that looked simple enough and with the right color choice might almost kinda be maybe boho-ish.

What has me looking for sweaters when I don’t normally knit them? I have more than a dozen balls of Caron Anniversary Cakes. A sweater would be a good project for them. I made a blanket poncho for a friend and I want one for myself but I am thinking a cozy warm sweater to wear to church or out to dinner on date nights. OK, I have knit sweaters before – just not for me.

This is the Drops Design Rain Chain. It was the collar and the chunkiness that got me. I saw this and thought I could do that without relying too much on the pattern. There would be construction involved but with a chunky knit, that’s not too much of a headache. The pattern calls for Drops Wish yarn which is super bulky merino fiber that’s abut 75 yards to the ball and it will take about 11 balls. Roughly $60. That’s not bad at all. But, as I said, I have Anniversary cakes and I didn’t pay full price for any of them. Normally $40, I got mine for about $25 and I won’t even need a whole one to make this sweater.

The real trick is when I will get around to doing it. I am getting ready for a craft show in October. I just applied for another one in November and then there’s the orders I anticipate having this season. (Please God, let me have orders this season.) Not to mention, I am working on my Goimagine shop – including the stand alone website AND my digital prints. 

The yarn room is bursting with yarn – it’s as if it multiplied when I wasn’t looking. I confess, during writing this, I hopped over to Michael’s to put a link to the anniversary cakes, and purchased two more. They are on sale for 30% off of the sale price they were already on. So, they are less than $20 and I had $15 in vouchers. I got two of those and four of the Cinnamon Cakes. I used one on my Dalarna Beanie in Autumn colors from designbcbDarlarna Beanie and I love them. So, all that yarnie goodness is coming to me shipped for a little over $50. I’ve got no place to put them yet. Let’s not get bogged down in details. I will work it out.