It’s like the Discovery Channel – Knitsville Edition. Where the folks in Knitsville are putting away the winter clothing and pulling out the summer clothing only to discover some fall clothing no one remembered they had.

That is to say, I have found a number of hats and scarves hiding away in places and there will be some new additions to the shop when I can get around to it all. I’ve also cataloged the ready to ship items and they have new sku numbers and if they weren’t in the shop before they are now.

I am also working on some new stuff that is piled unto on one of the trunks. This  stocking cap is about to come off the needles.All that’s needed is a stretchy bind off and a pom-pom. It can be a little splitty but I can overlook it. There is a review of the yarn right here

The move in continues. I still have boxes in the room. Some I’ve opened by couldn’t completely empty until I find something else in another box.That is somehow a good thing. There will be more donations when they start up again. I am discovering yarn I forgot I had. It is kinda ironic I am looking forward to my biannual yarn buy. I know I am not likely to be using it soon no matter what I get so all I will be making is room.

I enjoy cooking in the kitchen. It will be better when the boxes are empty and off the counter. I’ve been ambitious in this new place. I did an eleven hour low and slow roast and I’ve baked some bread – really delicious. Gonna have some right after this. Loving two bathrooms and no stairs.

It’s amazing the things that thrill us. 



You know that saying the grass is greener on the other side? It’s true but we want to get on that other side anyway. I wanted to get to that other side in this moving thing and learn how to live in a condo.

That has happened.They moved us in two hours and we were living in a condo. It added one more thing to my list of things to do. I have to knit, run the business side of knitting, do church work, put together a new home and dismantle an old one. Did I mention there’s a pandemic?

I thought for certain I would be cooking that first night. Around four, I knew dinner from scratch wasn’t going to happen. I looked forward to doing it Tuesday and thought I had everything together only to learn I didn’t have a can opener, measuring cups or spoons. Maybe Wednesday.

Yes. We had our first home cooked meal that night. Cream of Chicken soup with wild rice and cornbread.

We’ve been coming here off and on since we bought the place and doing some stuff. The internet was running slowly after being fine the weeks before we moved in. It required a technician but it wouldn’t cost me anything. Things weren’t wired correctly. He fixed the problem and that was that.

I’ve hardly touched the knitting needles but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. I have a bunch of finished objects and I am putting them in inventory and placing them in the shop.

I will get to knitting this week and that will make this all make sense. Can’t wait to get there.

I didn’t know what I was going to show you in this post. I had to go to the Google because I thought ‘I’ll try something new’ then had to see if I had actually done it.

There was this:

Lasagna. I haven’t made lasagna in years and it was tasty. I’ve made it twice and the second was better than the first. This does take some time to prepare. The sauce is sooooo good. I did only a small variation. I don’t like ricotta cheese so eliminated that. The recipe is here

And then there was this:Doesn’t look like it’s finished but it is: except for the pom-pom. Couldn’t put that on there because the pom-pom maker is at the condo. But as soon as I’m over there, this will a completed hat.



But wait…there’s more: I started and finished a mask. Pattern was pretty simple and I even wrote it down on paper. I haven’t lined it yet because the cotton and thread and needle are all at the condo. (We move a week from tomorrow.)

There’s more. I finished the Shale Cowl in gray. There’s a few thing sitting in my bag waiting to go over and hang out with the rest of the finished projects and they all need to have their photos taken. I will be over there tomorrow or the next day to get that done.

I made a pork roast using a new recipe. It was good but I cooked the pork too long. My dutch oven really gets things done fast. I will use a meat thermometer next time. All in all, a very good week.

I have a new hat on the needles made with Ice Yarns Tweeds in two colors. I’ve got a toy turtle or tortoise started. The week will be busy and there’s no telling yet but the next post may be from new place! Now, that would be something new.