This is being done in baby steps. Though we do eventually have to move in, and Mr. Honey says we will be in sometime next month, we are still in the baby step phase. I have a feeling once the floor is in the living room, the timeline will be accelerated. 

I moved the yarn from the other wall to where you see it. The closet is almost full with bins and bags but there is room for more and there is more coming. The two stands have functional drawers. I have two pieces of sculpture I imagine on each one. The room isn’t as narrow as the photo makes it seem.

I also originally thought the sofa bed would go along the wall where the yarn is. I really need to measure to see how much space is there.

In knit news, I’ve completed several of the market bags. They’re in the shop. Don’t they look colorful? I don’t know if the coronavirus thing is stopping folks from buying. I sold a couple of patterns. Guess being on quarantine gives you time to do some things. Shopping is one of those things. I’ve been to the store a few times and there have been people out. It’s not as crowded as I’ve seen it.

I’m also working on some cowls and hats. I think it will be fun to join working with the new space. But there is also sadness at leaving the house. I’ve lived in this house longer than I’ve lived anywhere.

The condo is our last place together. There’s so much emotion tied up in all of this. Happiness will be at the end of all of it but getting to that point is not coming as easily as expected.

I need to take some living room photos. The flooring is probably coming in next week. This is a good time to get the flooring done. My brother-in-law will be over and he and Mr. Honey will be doing the work. I still have a cough so I will staying away from there while they are working for my sake as well as theirs. But I want to do a proper before and after so tomorrow will be that day. I would go now but it’s snowing. Don’t feel like going out in that. I’ll get there. You know, baby steps.

Almost There. The studio is coming along. My Fire tablet can’t take a good picture or I don’t know how to use the feature to take the best shots.This is the etagere that will hold ten bins of yarn. Right now, it is sitting in the corner by the closet but after putting the table and chairs in place, it is going to move across the room and kitty corner to where it is now.

It is going to be a comfortable room. I enjoyed sitting in it yesterday. The sleeper sofa which may end up on the opposite wall, is 6 ft long. Mr. Honey thinks the wall itself is about 12 feet long but I’m thinking more like 9 or 10. I need to measure to make sure. In my mind’s eye, the sofa is along that wall when you walk in the door looking at this wall here. Can’t really picture it the other way.

The studio is not the only thing that’s almost there. If you recall from the last post, I have 10 projects going. That is now down to 7. There are a few other finishes on the horizon. Just a couple more and there will be enough for the next Look Book. There’s also a free pattern coming, too. Now that the country is on lock down or lock out, my life will not change at all. I will still knit, go over to the condo and work on the business side of life.

But I am of the vulnerable class and I did have a small case of flu last week. It is the first time I’ve been grateful for having the flu shot within the last year.

I’m gonna try and take better pics. I’ll use the phone.Take care of yourselves and each other. See ya soon.

It’s Ready. It’s all painted and the yarn has started to move in and I can’t believe this is going on.

As the new space is filling up, the old space is emptying out and both of these yin and yang events are having a way with me. Right now, the thing that is bothering me is all the yarn will still not fit. 
Bins will be out in the open and not on shelves. Oh, the drama.

The big furniture. The sofa sleeper, bookcase and table all have to be brought in at some point.

The flooring for the living room and hall has been chosen. Of course, it’s not in stock and will take 1-2 weeks to get here but that’s not a thing. There’s so much more to do in getting the house ready.

In the meantime, knit wise,There are 10 open projects. The idea was to have a production line but things erupted. Four of them are one session away from being completed.This is my latest completed item. The pattern and the finished item are both available in the shop. This page has yarn reviews.

The etagere will be coming over next. It needs to be taken down. Photos coming, of course.


The closing is done and we are readying the condo for entry and readying the house for departure. And so it begins. The first room in condo to be tackled is my studio. The room, as the condo, was in pretty good shape when we got it. It’s white and the carpet needs cleaning. I really want all the carpet removed and replaced with laminate but that won’t happen. Carpet will remain the bedrooms and new flooring will be in the living room and hall spaces.

This is what three of the walls looked like after Mr. Honey started prepping the room for painting. I chose a really pale gray for the main color. A dark gray for the contrasting color – it will go on that pillar in the corner and around the inside edges of the window. The curtains are out. Blinds will be there instead. The trim will be a bright white. I am thinking of painting the doors white but haven’t decided yet.

The room is 13×14 and that closet is twice as big as the closet in the house.

The design plan is to use our octagon table as the ‘desk’ over by the window. There will be a two cushion sleeper sofa against the wall by the door. The wall you don’t see. On the wall adjacent to the window will be a stand or a bookcase where the television will be. The room will be used as a guest room when needed.

So, where will all the yarn go? The closet, though bigger, won’t hold all the stash. I have placed some yarn in huge bins that will fit in the closet. i’ll stuff the bags in there, too.  I eliminated about 8 smaller bins. I have a white bookcase, which Mr. Honey insists on calling an etagere, it should be able to hold two of the bigger bins per shelf and there are five shelves. That will leave about 3 rogue bins. I really want a non-cluttered space.

I don’t know how close the real thing will come to the idea in my head. The main thing will be to have a lighter, airier space than the one I have now.

The entire condo is getting a facelift with the paint scheme and new flooring. I’ll keep you posted.