The first photo taken in the studio. Not so bad considering it was early evening and the outside was a lot darker than it looked.

This just might work. I should know soon because the EDS is almost done. Though we were working to do each other in for a moment.

The EDS had a little laugh at my expense. Made me wonder if we the friends I thought we were coming to be. Now, I am beginning to think it wants to be done as much as I want it to be done.

Here’s what happened. I got to the shaping part and had to write out the instructions because it was one of those: do this for the next two rows twice and then do it once for four more times and then do this kind of thing and at the end, you should have 20 stitches on both sides – because you’re using two different balls of yarn to shape the shoulders.and doing the neck shaping at the same time. So, I charted it out so I could tick off the stitches. And I counted and sure enough, if I did just what it said, I would have 20 stitches. 

I went about my business and when I was done, I thought I would count and admire my magic. Not only did I have more than 20 stitches, I had more stitches on one side than I did on the other.

Because, I somehow had a brain burp and didn’t realize I would have to do that entire decrease thing on both sides. I would have to perform each step twice. So, I had to do recalculation with where I was and proceed. The bottom line is the decreases are done. There are the requisite 20 stitches on each side. I lined up the front with the back and the arm stitches, shoulder stitches and the length of both pieces all line up. I have to do one row straight and then bind off.

I read ahead (won’t fool me again) and saw the turtleneck instructions – which I ain’t gonna follow. At least not completely. There’s a section where you knit, do a turning row, knit some more and then stitch the last row of the neck to the first part.. I’m gonna leave the turtleneck free so it can be turned either way, making the sweater reversible. There’s no inside or outside. 

I am cautiously optimistic – another brain burp notwithstanding. 

You see this? This is my new photography studio. I have cleared the space in the yarn room directly behind this desk and I can actually see outside in the backyard. Let’s not talk about the last time I could see the view unobstructed – or the last time I could see the view at all.

It looks a little dark but that’s because I took the photo later in the afternoon. This morning, sunlight is pouring through it and I already have the thought of there the white boards are going. One to act as a background and the other to reflect the light unto the heads or torsos. It works well in my head but when it comes to execution, well, let’s just hope for the best.

I am making these plans to give the weather angels something to laugh at. Last winter Chicago found itself in a polar vortex that made Frosty stay by the fireplace with a warm mug of ale. Taking photos out in real temperatures of minus insert double digit here was not fun and was dangerous. This year, there is the studio. Winter has already showed its head here. It snowed and was really cold on Halloween. There’s been a little snow since then but not much but this is me preparing. Which sent the eternal weather office into smirks. We will probably have a warm winter. Ha, little angels. I can deal with that, too. Maybe I shouldn’t mock weather angels. Maybe they will bring a weather so fierce, ice will freeze up the windows blocking my light and making it necessary for me to try work outdoors. Did I just give them ideas? Better quit while I’m behind ahead.

In other news, the EDS and I are making friends. I am in the final shaping stage. that part of the sweater where you need two balls of yarn to do the decreases. I can see the end of the instructions and they are a few rows away. Knit math has reared its head and I did a count of stitches and found I was off first by a lot then by a little. So I continued on and count again and found I am off by one stitch somewhere. This is what I get for following the instructions. Not I get to improvise to bring it all back into balance. So, like usual, I’m not following the pattern to the letter. This is how it works.

There;s another page of the pattern after this one. The finishing page. Can’t wait to see what I ignore about that one. It will be something. There will be no choice. I haven’t followed it at points all the way through. The finishing will have to be adjusted just on odds. Soon and very soon. This is the exciting part. The still here but moving on part. I’ve chosen the pattern for the afghans I want to do. Both of them will be the same. One will be a solid color and the other will be variegated yarn. The story about how I got to that pattern is kinda cute. In a typical way for me kind of cute. Tell ya later.


This looks like a nice portrait of a blended yarn family. Indeed, it could be. No knitter or crocheter would look upon this little group with disdain. (Well, those who don’t think acrylics ought to be used ever…they might. We leave them alone and try not to look at them full in the face.) The rest of us though, can appreciate the loveliness.

Except, and this happens every year, this yarn is supposed to be something. Something else. Other than pretty yarn. I see a hat and a scarf and another hat and another hat and a cowl. That part isn’t so bad. They will get there and that will be fine. It’s the yarn that isn’t in the photo that’s going to make me loonier than a cartoon song.

It’s almost Thanksgiving. In January is the annual Mr. Honey family get together and I bring an afghan to raffle off. The afghan itself is still yarn. Yarn I haven’t even picked yet. Not to mention, the afghan for my niece’s wedding is not done. She got married last month.They live in Arizona. It’s not like they won’t be warm without it but it will be a decorative piece. I hope.

The afghans are office projects. Projects I will work on for 1 to 3 hours every morning in the office – where I am not…not knitting. I was knitting, I was working on the EDS who decided to throw a curve into my timeline this morning. 

I started working on the next collection in the midst f working on orders and that’s not going as well as I’d like because life…life continues to want to have attention paid to it. Because like also has a calendar but knows it will win in the end so it’s just a thing for show. Life really doesn’t need to track its own time.

I think it will work itself out. The EDS will be finished. Though each time I read the instructions, I have a moment of doubt. I will get the afghans done. Notice I didn’t say on time because one timeline is already shot. But I should have it for the January soiree. 

The yarn that isn’t in the photo will be pretty things when you see them next. I hope.

Finally, an update on EDS. I have been steadily working the knit magic to get this sweater done. I thought it would be done sometime this spring but that didn’t happen, then summer and a bunch of travel later and the EDS didn’t really get my attention until a few months ago. I thought I had taken it with me to Montana and was relieved to find I didn’t because I thought I left it somewhere in South Dakota.

That was August. I was working on it faithfully when September rolled in. Then an unexpected trip to San Antonio and that threw a wrench into things. But the work continued. 

For sure, it would be done by the end of September but a trip to Phoenix – where the sweater did not come with me because there would be no knit time – and a trip straight from the airport to the hospital for a four day stay turned that plan on its ear.

But we go steady on and here we are in November and we can see the end in sight. The increases are almost done and that will leave the shaping. I work on it the first thing in the morning from 1 -3 hours depending on how the day is looking.

Here’s my take away from working on this sweater:

    1. I can’t follow a pattern to save my life. I always find something to modify. I find this to be true even in my own patterns. It’s a brain blip. I have learned to live with it. In this instance, I changed the stitch, the count, the increases and decreases. I kept the bind off, though. I’m not a total ingrate.
    2. The yarn is Malabrigo Mecha. It’s a beautiful, kettle dyed Merino. The color is Pocion. It’s $15 a skein. I don’t love it any more or any less than any of the other yarns in my stash. I know knit snobs who think acrylic is a waste and won’t touch it and those for whom natural yarns are a preference without the snobbishness. My stash is 98% acrylic. I get a kick out of it and of how much I have of it. Working with this fiber is nice but it is the knitting that’s the path for me. I learned to knit with string sooooo.
    3. This yarn is single ply. And it shows. It doesn’t lend itself too well to being reknit. I had to give it a stern talking to but I know as soon as it leaves me and begins to be worn; body heat and washing will enhance the look beyond my control.
    4. I just freakin’ love knitting and crochet. I come into the office every morning and pull out this sweater and it is a great way to begin the day. So much so, that I have already begun to consider what I will be making next as my office project.
    5. Knit math doesn’t care if you’re using natural fibers. I knit and knit and knit and couldn’t get to the 11 inches I needed. Then I knit some more and got 12 inches. Knit math always wins.
    6. I’m at that point where I’m wanting this to be done. This happens to every knitter and it means a project is almost over. The love affair is almost at an end. There’s almost nothing else we can do for each other so we might as well call it a relationship, wish each other well with our next loves and part as friends.
    7. As happy as I will be, Hope will be even happier.

Let’s cross our fingers for Thanksgiving.


There is much to tell you. Snow came to Knitsville and it came on Halloween. That means Mr. Honey got the biggest haul of the candy. He bought one big bag of candy – which had only two kinds of candy I liked – so he was the one raiding the bag. With the snow and the cold, our doorbell rang maybe four times.

Halloween was also on a Thursday, which is our date night, so….I think most of Knitsville has their own candy stashes. Kids don’t care where it comes from. Not likely to go to waste.

The EDS continues. I even had the camera up to take a photo but I think orders might have gotten in the way. In any case, I am up to the increases for the sleeves/shoulder. There shall be a photo of something. Sometime. I’m pretty sure I promised it.

I got a message from a potential customer who asked if one of my hats was lined. Did I tell you this already? I offered to line and she took me up on it. So, I went to the YouTube and learned how to line a hat. I put the option of a lined hat in the listing instead of making it a custom item – and wouldn’t you know – someone else has ordered one. But now I know how to do because I learned how to line a hat.

I had been thinking about lining the hats for a bit now. But in satin, not fleece. But however I broke through, now that I know how, I think it will be slowly added to listings and promoted out. Plain, fleece, satin. Nice options. Raised the cost about $5 which is pretty reasonable.

It was a little nerve wracking but I know how it goes now. The learning curve wasn’t that long, either. Of course, I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter and I looked at a couple of videos and took something from almost all of them – including the fact that one of them was way too detailed. That was someone who liked that kind of detail in everything. The end result was great but I couldn’t tell if it was greater than the folks that didn’t do as many steps. I learned things from actually doing it that I know I will incorporate when I put the next one in.

I think this is a good idea now but if it takes off. I will be both happy and stressed. Oh boy. That’s kinda the best of no worlds. Looking forward to it.