I am water blogged; I mean water logged. Let me explain. I started Intermediate Fasting for the second time. I gave it a try and decided it wouldn’t work. Then, one day it occured to me, I was doing some form of it naturally so I incorporated it back into being and I enjoy it. Not that it doesn’t present me with challenges but it seems to be effective.

I have an app (of course, there’s an app for it) and it, along with my doctor and nutritionist, talk about hydration incessantly. So, I set the app to notify me to hydrate. There I was sitting and knitting when I heard a funny sound coming from the phone. It took me a moment to realize it was the sound of water being poured into a glass. That was the notification to hydrate – every hour. I don’t jump up and drink when I hear it but if I am not in the midst of drinking something when it goes off, I dutifully  saunder and get either juice, tea or water. (The current drink is water.) I go and log it in on the app.

To give an update, here are three selfies that I took a while ago. It doesn’t show a huge loss – this isn’t a complaint. I find this entire process fascinating – but every pound lost is a golden thread to me.Sometimes the results come slowly. I am currently in a loss spiral and where as it took a month to lost the seven lbs in that photo, I am almost seven pounds down this month. Like I said, fascinating.

Back to the hydration. They say keeping hydrated is a hunger blocker and that’s no joke because I am feeling full. I was also feeling a little peckish a minute ago and the water with a single sheet of graham crackers knocked that edge off until dinner.

But what about knitting and crochet?

OK, check out the items in the shop. Continues to grow. We will get back to that in the next post. Promise.