Three weeks ago today I was in surgery. Actually, by this time, I was back in the recovery room. I went in one way and came out another. As I awoke from the anesthesia, I realized 80% of my stomach was left in the operating room and my life was changed.

The change started 8 weeks ago and has been on the books for a year before that. 8 weeks ago, I had to start a liquid diet that was to last 2 weeks. I somehow contracted Covid 2 days before my surgery was slated and it was delayed two weeks. During some of those last days, I didn’t stick with a strict liquid diet – my two big splurges were gyros salads – but I was very good. I lost 23 pounds.

This road had been traveled before. But this time I knew I would go through with it. Still, as I was being prepped for surgery and as my doctor was explaining to m husband what was going to happen, there was a voice inside my head wondering what the hell was I doing. All because I didn’t want to disappoint my PCP. I had trapped myself and there was no turning back from it now. At the same time, there was another voice who thought this was m best chance of building this new life that had already had a spiritual reset. A physical and mental reset was earned and due. Though I had started down this path well before the spiritual reawakening, the spiritual was happening before I knew it.

This is scary, exciting and new.