I was today years old when I owned a ball winder. I have done without one for decades when I knew I had to have one. A ball winder was given away at the Crochet A Thon. I didn’t win it but someone at my table did and they let me use it and it changed my life. So, I got on the inter web and the mighty Amazon dropped one off at the house for under 20 bucks.

I am well aware the photo shows me caking a cake. I am slicing the cake in two pieces. (Actually, ended up being into 3 pieces.) It’s Jarbo Cookie from Hobbii. Very soft and easy to work with. The color is Flowery. I’m using it to design a cowl. Design being what it is, I had an idea of what I wanted to make but it’s doing something else on its own. Only hope I can keep up with it.

The idea is to keep it attached to the table as it is a pain to remove and attach. Also, took me a little bit to learn how to thread it. Don’t know why I just can stick it through the middle. Gonna try that next time and see what happens.