When I started looking at knit sites and blogs one thing stuck way out: socks.  To each their own, I thought. But it seemed as if it was more to each their own sock pattern because the option to not knit socks didn’t seem to exist.

I didn’t understand the need to knit a sock – let alone two of them. I loves me a good sock. Slouchy socks and I were really good friends in the 80’s and 90’s. No one sadder to see them go off trend. But knitting a sock is a major act of love. A sock, when used as intended,  won’t last very long. Not to mention, it’s the very special person who can keep track of twos socks after they’ve come out of the laundry.  I am convinced single socks are sitting on a beach keeping sand off of missing tops from plastic storage containers.

“Socks are fun!” folks in the knitting groups said. I didn’t see it. I didn’t look at anyone making a sock and jumped to straight to fun. But, the pressure and the curiosity was too great. I made a sock. I didn’t use this video to make it but it was one of the more interesting ones I found. 

Made the sock –  a baby sock and I was glad it was over. I did not have a sock epiphany or feel the need to make another sock – not even to finish out the set. Haven’t felt the need to make another sock since – except to make Christmas stockings – it’s like knitting a huge sock but at least you get a present in it at the end.

Instead of socks, I knit and later crocheted, scarves. Scarves were easy and fun and didn’t wear out after one use. After I was told I needed to expand my knitting prospects, I knit blankets because they were just big, wide scarves. 

Lesson learned: knit what makes you happy regardless of the trend. Though knitting is a shared passion, it is a solo flight. Enjoy your own ride.