Crocheted Prayer shawls from designbcbPrayer Shawls are back.

There is something wonderful about them. They each have a story. When I make them, I do say a prayer and I send a prayer with it.

Most of the time, they are given to comfort a loss. Someone purchased one because they said God told them to get a shawl to wrap around themselves when they pray.

These shawls will go to members of the same family to give comfort after the loss of a daughter, niece and sister. They are all friends and the making of these shawls was helpful in my moving through the pain of their loss.

Prayer is connective. The shawl is connective and tangible. It is a living prayer.

Did I tell you about the message I received a long time ago? When designbcb was new, I received a message from a woman who told me to take my prayer shawls out of my store because they were not to be sold.

She wasn’t from Etsy, she was someone who was on the site and saw them and decided she needed to tell me to take them out of my store. 

Immediately following that note was another note from her apologizing because she did some searching and found other shawls were indeed items that could be sold and she asked forgiveness for her note.

I forgave her but pointed out the rudeness of her message. I also suggested that she should write every bookstore and demand they not sell the Bible if she needs that kind of a cause. Never heard back.