I struggle to know which is better. The one on the left is before. The one on the right is after I purchased some of those soft storage containers. I must say they do hold a lot. 

There is this moment when one is reorganizing that the area looks worse than it did before the project started. That’s where I am right now. The struggle here is temporary. I already have in mind to just get the range free yarn in their pens and then go back and organize by color and cakes. Big skeins and cakes can be together; regular skeins and balls go by color.


It’s actually enough for me to have them contained. Keeping it in some kind of pristine order sounds too much like work. There’s nothing wrong with work but that’s just not my thing. Work is my thing. Organization of yarn in colors is not my thing. It looks good for photos and nice to do but when it comes down to doing my work, I can’t really roll like that.

I like I can see the box bins. I like everything will be easier to move if I have to get into the domesticated yarn closet. The windows in the soft bins means I have some idea of what’s in there. And the handles on the bins are righteous. I mean they are packed with yarn and are not at all heavy. Four of them have taken almost all the yarn. There are five more empty containers and I don’t think I will need them all unless I decide to lose the hard bins. Almost certain one or two could be gone if I did it.

It’s a thought.