How in the world did we get to March already? Time is marching, marching, marching and I just can’t keep up. I had plans, I tell you, plans!! 

yarn goddess png to go on tees and sweatshirtsThis is one of the new graphics going on my yarn goddess tees and sweatshirts. The tee shirts have been launched. There are four of them. I honestly expected to launch them and to have them take off. That has not happened yet. Bummer. But I am confident the prayer has been answered with a ‘not yet’ and not a ‘no.’

I’ve also added a new page…it needs a password to access the freebies that will be there. All kinds of freebies from all the shops: patterns, graphics, even clothes and accessories. It’s a work in progress.

Prep is happening for spring craft shows. There’s one in April and I think one in May or June and have already been accepted to one in November. I have to get my Instagram game going. There’s a craft show I want to get in and they jury by Instagram. My insta-game ain’t set up for that. So I have some work to do if I ever hope of getting in there. And I want to get in there.

It’s time to spring forward this week-so that loss of sleep will hit hard but now the wall clock will be right again. I never bother to change it.

Hope your days are going well. The streets are strewn with blessings. Gather yours up.