Happy 4th of Halloween! Wait, what?

You read it here first, Happy 4th of Halloween! I’m not as crazy as you may think. June is a transition month for people who sell things. We can finally put away Mother’s Day things, Valentines and New Years is gone. Easter is over and it’s going into Ordinary time.

We don’t really have to worry that much about Fathers’ Day. Sorry, Dads but let’s not pretend. The only thing coming up is 4th of July and then after that, you’re gonna start seeing pumpkins before the last of the charcoal is gone. 

Makers are getting ready for fall. My mind is already thinking about what will be new in this shop and this one. I’m exploring new patterns and getting inspiration from all across the interweb. 

In the works right now:

A new sticker pack that fits in with the holiday/holy days season.

A new bulky scarf

The Amity Blanket in a regular and custom version

The pattern for the scarf.

There will also be some new yarn reviews.

I don’t want you to think I won’t be enjoying my sunner. I will. What’s new for me is ny blood is thinner; thanks to the blood thinner and my new insides. Where 80 degree temps would have me sweltering, I now think of it as a little warm. I mean, it’s 70 degrees outside and I have on a sweater. How cool is that? See what I did there?

I’m excited about what’s coming and equally excited to show it to you when it’s ready. I have to go finish the last few rows of the Amity blanket – ok last 20 rows or so. Will show it when I’m done. I friggin’ love it!