The power of prayer is known to us all. We have all prayed. From the time when we were small wanting that bike, or glove or whatever it was that we just had to have or we would surely perish. To the time we wanted that promotion or that certain someone to say yes. We held our hands together tight, closed our eyes and put our wishes into the universe. We hoped that someone out there would hear our pleas and make it happen.

That is prayer. Highly personal and instinctual. We are all born with the capacity to ask something outside of ourselves to bring us what we need or desire.

Whether we believe it connects us with some higher power or the power within us, prayer is a form of outreach that acknowledges there is more than just us. There is a place where we can gather more strength than we have at the moment. Comfort overcomes helplessness. Joy and gratitude can be multiplied.

My outlook on prayer has grown more profound. I pray to God and to the spirit that resides in the universe. Everyone who wishes can connect with it. I pray often – more than once a day. We have said grace at our table for years but now I say it with every meal, at home or in a restaurant. 

I speak with God in the morning before I get out of bed – and before my more formal God study. I speak at night to recap the day; the good and the bad of it. My belief has been strengthened by the practice.

The connection to mind, body, spirit and earth is real for me. Prayer is now and important part of who I am. I happily embrace what it has done for me. What is your experience with prayer?