Authenticity. I just started reading The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley and it has me feeling all the feels. I then decided instead of always trying to take photos of projectsI’m working on, it would be neat to take a photo of my work space as it is at the moment I start to write the blog post. I find it funny and alarming how my desk seems to reflect how my mind is working at the moment.

Cluttered. Not as bad as it has been but there is a lot going on all at the same time and sometimes that’s fun. Just not at this present moment.

I am still to obsessive about my diet. (Protein drink), concerned about my literal skin (lotion), designing a new cowl (yarn) and a whole bunch of other things. 

The good news is I believe I have the design down and it is going to look really good. Only took three days and a completely new design direction. I suppose the other good news is I have made my own variation of the Catherine wheel stitch which will show up in something one day.

OK, the book. The book is about this guy who starts something lie a diary and it’s left in various places for people to add their own story to. They add their passage and then leave it for someone to find. Each entry ends with a line that says what happens to the diary next is up to the person reading it. They can add to it or not, leave it or not; heck they can chuck it and end it for everyone who had it before and all the no ones after.

I’m taking 10 days to read it and right now, the ones who have found it seem to be miserable in their choices. And I found something in each of their miseries I can relate to. I suppose misery does love company. I am hoping there is someone who is more hopeful and I wonder if these folks know how not random the randomness of leaving and finding the diary really is. Only one day into reading the book and I want to start one not knowing where it may end up – if anywhere. I cannot believe how excited the idea is to me. I will never know the outcome and that’s part of the excitement. If I do this, will it have a life?