Anticipation is making me wait. (Hey, Carly Simon!) I ordered these over the weekend.  Because I needed new needles. OK, I wanted new needles. I have enough needles to do whatever I want to do and probably what I need to do. There was a surge where I needed to get some new stuff. Not only did I get the needles but also some tweed yarn that I needed because I had some orders and I will need more of the yarn. 

This is the Karbonz Interchangeable Set. It comes with the needles sizes I use the most. So, why not?

I also ordered some cocoa butter and skin care products and something else but I don’t remember what it may be. I could look it up in PayPal. But nah. The yarn is coming but the order for the needles are still being processed. 

What is behind this buying surge? I made a bold move to begin this year and it is something I will share but I have to prep for it and that prep involves selfies. Taking selfies has made me a little self conscious and so I have to make the effort of getting my pretty back.

There are already some made and I will probably post them when I am ready to start posting because there will be a transistion from one state to another and it all should be documented. Stay tuned.