Who doesn’t love a freebie? I know I love them – depending on what they are. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like a snake no matter how free it was. But a To Do List – that might catch my attention. 

Did I mention I was venturing into the design business? I have started placing stickers and pages in the shop.  If you want the freebie, click here to be taken to the page. Even though it’s June and almost July, this is the January 2021 freebie. I’m thinking there will be a new one with each blog post until we’re all caught up.

I’m having big fun making stickers and even working on the ultimate crafter’s planner. That would be the ultimate to create a planner. Start with stickers, work into stickers and pages and then a planner. Nice to have a goal.

To be honest, going into this area of work was to make the shop more 24/7 365 and it was supposed to be passive income. I was having some trouble because I want to do physical planner stickers as well as digital ones. What I didn’t want to do was buy a cutter, like a Cricut and sticker paper. I purchased some physical stickers and then a few sets of digital ones. Made me realize my first efforts were horrible. I still have great room for imrprovement. The good news is there are many Etsy sellers who sell the templates and there are plenty of customer who don’t mind printing them out and cutting either by hand or with their cutters.

I am still designing and making knit items – the world hasn’t gotten completely turned upside down. I have some new patterns and items coming out. I’m so excited about it I’ve had to keep myself to the schedule. This has meant some disorganized days – but they have been fun!