The Dacia scarf pattern is now done! The pattern is now available at designbcb.

This scarf went through a couple of designs before In settled on this one.

I first thought I would put in a cable and that became a more of a stressed that I was looking to do. Then it went though a couple more stitches. I finally settled and what happened was a mixture of stitches that went in different directions. The more I knit, the more I liked what I saw. There was a BoHo coed vibe that I really like. As it got to the end, I knew I wanted to do fringe but I didn’t think it should be at the end. It just wouldn’t work. So, I sent it down the side.

I’m not one for blocking but this would look a lot better if it was flattened out a little and blocked. I didn’t bother with this because it is the sample and it is going to be donated as there is a three stitch flaw I didn’t take out. My first thought was that I would only make the sample and not sell final product. I think I have changed my mind. I had some Caron Big Cake left over from an Ayrshire Beanie and my thought was this scarf would look great with a bold self striping fiber.

I used Big Twist worsted weight in Varsity Green. I’m not sure this would look good in a bulkier or thinner yarn. 

This was a fu design, easy to memorize. Hope you all enjoy it!