, The Aachen Beanie pattern by designbcb

My new year starts with the Aachen Beanie pattern! I have goals for this year and I am going to make them. I am going to make them so well that I am going to make them early! Yes! I said it, wrote it, placed in the atmosphere for God to bless!

I wanted to create a simple crochet beanie pattern and this one is it. There are no increases, no decreases and if you play your cards right, nothing to weave in. What could be simpler than that.

It also features a different stitch technique that’s a play on the half double crochet (hdc). The sizes range from preemie to adult.

ALL THAT and for the first 50 folks, the pattern is just $1.50 on Etsy!

mommy and me wearing the Aachen Beanie from designbcbIt’s a relatively quick crochet and the modified hdc is quick to learn. I’ve since seen the stitch used in other places and it’s called something else. I don’t remember what it was called and who did the video. Really doesn’t matter. After thinking I had stumbled on something new, I was reminded new is very rare to find.

Doing this pattern took a little longer than expected. It uses a magic circle and I had to make sure it would hold up to do what I needed it to. It does. I’m happy.

I am already working on the next pattern called the Backwoods Cowl. The pattern is done. The sample is taking longer to complete than the pattern itself. You can expect to see it in a few weeks.