The Ayrshire Beanie is complete.


 I don’t know if I even told you guys about this hat. It’s really fun and easy to make. It’s a long tube that gets turned in on itself. So, it’s a double knit and reversible! It isn’t an original pattern and it was called Ayrshire when I saw it on television oh so many years ago on Knitting Daily. (Is that show still on?) The pattern is now behind a paywall – guess I waited too long – but I did my best with what info I could gather.

I’ve sold a couple of these and that makes the worth making again. I have a show coming at the end of this week that is going to focus mainly on the summer stuff but I am on a roll for the fall and winter for the shops and for the shows I have coming during holiday season.  The beanies will be available in person but also at designbcb online.



The beanie isn’t the only thing completed! I will post the Dacia scarf in a little bit. The pattern has been complete for some time. I just needed the sample to catch up. Last night I added the fringe which added a great BoHo vibe for me. I photographed it on my new mannequin. It would look better if I steam it – but I ain’t about that life.

What I will do is make variations of the hat with lighter colors. The original was made with 3 weight which I might try one time. I don’t have much  dk weight in the stash so I will have to see what comes up. It’s a definite keeper and fun to do.