Sample afghan squareI’ve started the second half of the sample afghan. I finished the last of the gray squares and did this first square on the way back from Wisconsin where we drove 2 hours to spend 10 minutes buying apples from an orchard. But they are good apples. They were less than $3/pound and I spent abut $15. Lots of apples. Mr. Honey bought some, too.

The square on the hook will be frogged because there are two different textures and I want to use just one. Since the first square is on the blocking board, I will make all the squares the same so the gray squares with their different stitches can be the stars of the show.

I managed to lose a crochet hook. I am pretty sure I put one in my bag because I took the yarn with me to crochet in church. Never did get the chance but I might have taken it out trying to get to something else in my bag. I didn’t find it when I went to look for it. I’m not going to pretend it’s my favorite hook but all hooks are special. It’s like the parable: I will leave my other hooks to run this one down. It’s either in the car or on the pew. I will be at church Wednesday night to see. If it doesn’t turn up before then.