There’s a story behind the Amity Blanket.

Mr. Honey and I went house hunting 3 years ago. Zillow hooked us up with a terrific real estate agent, Tony Mathews. Tony dealt with Mr. Honey and me with patience. The condo we are in was the 3rd choice on my list. It was owned by an elderly woman in her 90’s who was blind, hard of hearing and didn’t speak English. She had to move to go into assisted living. 

I gave her a prayer shawl when we bought the condo. I gave her real estate agent a scarf. And Tony? Tony got nuthin’. Not that I didn’t want to give him anything but the job was only half done. He got us a new place but he needed to sell the house.

Because Mr. Honey wanted to do some work on the house, it took a year before the house was ready to go on the market. Yep, he stood by us for a year.

He took over the sale of the house and we got more than 20 offers and took the one that was 40K above asking. He sold the house less than a week after it was on the market.

That was two years ago. When I did a revamp of the business and decided to do blankets again, I came up with the Amity Blanket. I decided to use gray because that was in front of me from the blanket I started for Tony years before. When I finished the sample, I knew it had to go to Tony. So, I gave it to him. He now has it. It’s a perfect size for his daughter to cuddle up in. It’s more of a throw. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

It’s available here for a custom make. This is an OOAK cuz the yarn is Caron Big Cakes in Peppercream and Caron One Pound in medium gray. The cakes color is discontinued. Unique in all the world. The pattern will be available in the second release coming soon. 

I have two more blankets on the hooks. One is a special order from someone in Tony’s office. It is gorgeous wait til you see. The other is equally stunning and is the first Divine Nine variation. Can’t wait to show you.