yarn stash 1Organize the Stash. I have 20+ orders to get out. I’m getting ready for a craft show. It’s Christmas season so things are busy at church. And I decided to organize the stash.

This is the time you all hop in and tell me I’m crazy. I cleaned up a little messy area by my chair and it looked so good, it put me in a deep cleaning jag. So I started sorting the yarn bins. Decided to do it by color since the stash is mostly worsted acrylic. Thought I would start with the 18 bins behind my chair.

yarns stash 2Some yarn got moved to the table. Seemed as good a place as any until I needed the table to photograph an order. Didn’t quite think that through.

There’s yarn everywhere. OK, there’s always yarn everywhere but now it’s going back in some semblence of an order. I have to admit. I’m liking it. 

It’s going a little faster than anticipated but I also anticiapte running into a problem because there’s not an even distribution of colors. I have way more brown than I thought and not nearly as much purple. Some colors are sharing the same bin: white/cream, orange/yellow, black/gray. That should help. 

The photos are from day 1. I’m on day 2. We’ll see how long it takes and what issues I run across.