I woke up this morning excited for the knitting. I finished the Caron Cowl. It actually has a name. It’s called the Warm Up cowl. Nonetheless, I woke up thinking about working. And it hit me: my yarn is playing a dirty trick.

Recall please, that I noted finishing the cowl was finishing 6/10 of the Noggins and Napes (changed the name so the collection wouldn’t be confused with this. A book I happen to own. Naturally, if you are making 10 items and you’ve finished the 6th, the next logical step would be to cast on or chain on for the 7th. In this instance, it would be casting on for a lace slouchy. 

That should be exciting enough. Casting on for something new, (even if made before) knitters live for that kind of thing. This morning I was so excited it took me a moment to remember the project I finished just hours before. But I wasn’t excited about the hat. I was thinking about what yarn I would use for the next collection. The next collection that is four projects away. What the? I was actually contemplating it for a moment before I caught myself contemplating it for a moment.

I was thinking about the ten yarns that would go to make up the next collection and all I really know about the next collection is that it has four original patterns in it and one of them is a hat and the one hat will require five or six different colors of yarn. That means searching for more than ten yarns and I might even have to go through some of the free range and caged yarns that’s not already in my downstairs bin. I may have to go on a hunt….through the chunky yarns…

Tricky, tricky yarn. what a dirty trick. I thought the chunky yarns would speak with each other but I understand how it isn’t possible. The caged yarn is separated by color, not weight, and the free range yarn ain’t separated at all. They would have to talk with all kinds of yarn to get the word out that my mind was open for fiber seduction.

It almost worked. I almost decided to go ahead and step into the future and start looking at what might be used. But I came to my senses. I know what I am going use for the lace slouch (Shadowberry), the cable beanie (Pink) and the Basic Beanie (Verbena).The only unknown is for the hat pattern. It will require two yarns..two worsted weight yarns.

I ain’t mad at it for trying. Clever, tricksy. Gollum would be proud. But I am holding out. But maybe I’ll knit just a little faster. And take a peek at my notes to see what’s coming..maybe look at a stitch book to see what the other three patterns will be. I’m still in control of this. I am. Aren’t I?