The Color Purple – Date With Royalty

The Color Purple

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere an don’t notice it.” Alice Walker

it should make the supreme being upset. Who does not notice purple when it is in the room or in a field? It’s not even demanding – it’s commanding. You just see it.

They say purple is the color of royalty and i can certainly understand why someone of regal stature would claim it as their own.

It was Elizabeth Tudor, Liz the first, who claimed it for royal wear. The dye to make the color was quite expensive and that would put it out of reach to those who were not rich already so why not make it even more exclusive?

Luckily, the dye is more readily available and even us everyday folk can indulge and wear it whenever we want. It is a bold and beautiful color. When I knew I was going to work with specific colors, there was no doubt purple was going to be one. In seventh or eigth grade all my clothes were purple. While I have expanded my wardrobe colors, purple remains firmly in place.

Other than the textured scarves shown here, I have several other purple items completed or in the works.

Expect to see purple in hats, afghans and other scarves. I may even do a purple hooded scarf. I can’t believe I haven’t done one so far. There’s a purple cowl on one of my crochet hooks. I look forward to showing it along with the long scarf.

There is a way to wear purple and a way not to. You can use it as a main color and pair it with something white or black. You can even go Viking and wear it with gold but use reason.

You want to be careful about wearing head to toe purple. Unless you’re Prince – and no one is.


Man Knits – Get it for him; Then Borrow It

Man Knits – Fall 2018

I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. – Anais Nin

Knitting for men can sometimes be a thing. You have to get the color right. You have to get the texture right. And there has to be a certain amount of function and form. Unless he’s really into the fashion part of being dressed, practical goes a long way down the success road.

You also have to get past the whole ‘boyfriend sweater’ thing where you never knit a sweater for your boyfriend because that dooms the relationship. I never knit a sweater for any boyfriend and the relationships ended anyway but I’ve also never knit a sweater for Mr. Honey and it’s been more than 20 years with him….so

I know I am often asked if I have hats, scarves, etc. made for men so it’s about time I fulfilled that request.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the scarves coming for the new Man Knits section in the shop. It has texture, color, form and function – and you can get it for him but keep it for yourself.

There will be more than a dozen choice of the Textured scarf available ranging from $21 – $32 from acrylic to acrylic/wool blends. Available fall 2018.

Also in the works are two Man Knit hats and at least one other scarf option. Of course, women should feel free to don any of them and have them in their own wardrobe. I suspect that might be the case anyhow. Men have been known to buy for themselves. I just created a scarf for a guy who’s jetting off to England. So maybe he should buy it and resign himself to handing it over to her.

A New Thing

I switched web hosts and now I have a brand new blog. Hopefully, all the glitches have been worked out. Sometimes, it’s good to start things anew.

A Snowy Day in Knitsville

A Snowy Day in Knitsville 

It’s a snowy day in Knitsville. 

The weather folk said we would have snow and we got it. I still have orders to get out so I went to JoAnn and Micheal’s to make sure I had all the fiber I needed to complete them just in case. 

Winter in Chicago
Photo by Alex Powell from Pexels

The snowfall wasn’t that bad. I even did a little shoveling to get the van out so I could pick up my choir robe that was in the cleaners and I made it to church on time. Once I got to the main street, it was all good.

But snowy days are good days to stay in and knit. I can knit in the summer on hot days but I have to admit, I have been missing snow just a little bit. Before this snow, the weather was in the 40s and while that’s nice – it’s not really winter. If you’re going to be in Chicago, you should have snow in January. Not massive Big Snow kind of snow but the kind we got this weekend.

The warm days were followed by the snow and the snow has been followed by cold…really cold cold. It’s been in the single digits and there’s no reason sane people should be out there – except sane people have to work. Though I work from home, I still have to venture out. I didn’t schedule a USPS pickup and orders have to go out so……

But I am appreciating the snow and I am looking forward to going downstairs, sitting in my chair with a comforter under me and an electric fleece blanket on top, and working on the pom-pom hat order and the afghan I have to get done for the family get together coming this Saturday.

Every day is a good day to knit in Knitsville, it’s why the place exists, but a snowy day in Knitsville…that’s extra special.