I have a mild obsession going on. I know that yarn is in abundance over here. The purchase of yarn must be curtailed. But I do have the touch of the obsessionist. (Did I just create a new word?) So, when I inherited a sharp pair of scissors from a person who can no longer craft, it released a desire to have sharp scissors. Sharp, cute scissors.

A sharp scissors is one that can cut through the yarn on a Pom-Pom maker. If it can get through that without me feeling like I’m cutting through a NORAD defense shield, then that is a scissors I will love.

All of these will do that but in certain degrees. Some will complain about and slug through but there are a few of them that slice through it with a ‘what else you go’ vibe. It’s the smaller ones that come up big. I got most of these from companies who sell on the Evil Empire.

Because I cannot think of anyone who needs 13 pairs of scissors and because I have other scissors that are not so cute, this is a mild obsession at best. It is not likely to grow any bigger. Then again, I say that about yarn and books. We’ll see how it goes.