I might be obsessed with a new thing. I, of course, have this huge yarn obsession.Resistance to the yarn is futile. But I have also have hooks and needles.

I have straight needles, circular needles, interchangeable and double pointed needles.Then there are acrylic, aluminum, nickle plated, bamboo and whatever Signature needles are made of. I have short crochet hooks, longer ones, bamboo, metal acrylic. Tunisian and afghan hooks, too.There’s even a pair of Knook needles.

I have a Inoxal that I love and wish I could find more to sibling the one that I have. But no such luck there. So, I am going to going to give it an adoptive sibling. My favorite crochet hook. The one Mr. Honey gave me that belonged to his mother.

I do love this hook. And it’s handmade. One of Mr. Honey’s uncles was a master woodworker – what I call a whittler. He made beautiful stuff and we think he made this crochet hook for his sister. It looks to be a 9mm or about a L or M hook. I’ve used it and it works very well. There’s some writing etched or burned onto the end of the hook and it looks like it says size and nothing after it. Making something like this would certainly have been in his uncle’s wheelhouse. The man was great with woodwork.

I might be obsessed enough to ask my friend,Glen, to make me some hooks. He already made me the cross and flame emblem of the United Methodist Church. I’m thinking a set of hooks might not be such a bad thing to have.

No idea how much they would cost and if I would use them. There’s no one in the next generation even interested in crochet. Still, it’s something to think about.



This page intentionally left blank.

The truth is, I haven’t knit all week. I’ve been working but that work hasn’t consisted of making loops for about five days. It’s the other parts of the business keeping me occupied and knitting hasn’t been on the schedule for the past three days – things aren’t looking that great for tomorrow, either.

I’ve been doing stuff of Pinterest.

I’ve been buying yarn:I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading about social media and all sorts of other things that will help me grow the business.

There’s church work – though we are still social distancing – we put up a Black Lives Matter sign on our lawn







and someone(s) decided to slash it A group of young boys saw it and taped it up. We got an offer to have it replaced for free but we decided to keep it up as a symbol that though someone was harmful; we were not destroyed.

So, this page intentionally left blank of knitting projects but it is not void of action and living life. There’s a great deal going on here. I do miss knitting though. I am happy to say that it should be back in the new week. 

A trip down memory lane can lead to a renewed vision and spark creativity. I would argue this is a good thing for me as I decide what I am going to make after this round of items I have on my plate.

This bag sold in myshop. I remember making it. I finally got to use Lion Brand Thick and Quick. Cables were new and exciting. (They still are exciting) and the color was so rich. This did sell fairly quickly. It helped convince me I was in the right place.

Would I make this bag again? I certainly would and have plans to do so. But – there would be some changes. First, I would line it. I know how to line bags now. Second, I would make a version where it was a tote bag. That means I could lose the fancy handles. I could replace them with knit straps

Lastly, I would change up the pattern (of course). I followed it to the letter.  But that time is almost all gone. I have an idea of how i would change it up and it still includes cables.

BTW, I would still use the Thick and Quick because I have some in the stash somewhere and it’s fun to knit with. One trip down memory lane makes new, fresh memories. I’m looking forward to making this new one.

it will have to wait until August. Knitting is slow this month.The month is more than half gone and I haven’t made everything I am supposed to make. This thing called life is getting in the way. But we are at a real crossroad in this thing and we as a country, a world and a society have some decisions to make. I am involved in making those decisions for myself and my community. If I leave the knitting world behind to make that world better; that is time well spent.


Alas, I don’t have a hat head. There are many who do and I admire them a great deal.

It’s kind of like the dentist’s kid who has bad teeth or the hairdresser’s kid whose head is always a mess. I make hats and design hats but I cannot wear one with any level of cuteness.

Find these and other beanies here in the shop.

Nature had no idea someone would invent a head covering. If she did, I am sure she would have made us all capable of wearing one and looking good in it. 

Some say everyone can wear a hat; it’s just the matter of finding the right one to fit your face. I’m never quite sure of the shape of my face. It seems round but then it seems roundly oval.

I took the time to look up a guide on how to select and wear a hat. It is geared for those over 40. Which I can no deny that I am having left my 40s behind at least a decade ago. 

I fear I will never have a hat head and I am fine with this, truly. It’s not even a thought except on cold winter days. I have a higher tolerance of cold than I do of heat and it will have to be almost single digits before I even think of pulling on a hat and then it’s not that I care about how I look. It’s a product of function. I would put a live sheep on my head if I thought it would keep me warm when it gets cold enough for me to think I should have one on.

The guide will come in handy if you’re wondering how to tote a togue. I am resigned to my fate and will get joy out of helping you look good.