A change is gonna come. We are moving. This time next week, we will have closed on the condo. So, the house looks like disaster. We haven’t put this house on the market yet and it will be weeks before we do. I am trying to be systematic in going about it. 

The first thing I want to do in the condo is put the bathrooms in order. We will be going back and forth and we will need toilet papers, towels, air freshener – All that jazz. 

Mr. Honey will be doing some painting and we may be getting some new flooring before we start to settle in the furniture. The most exciting part will be setting up the new studio.

we were looking for a 3 bedroom but ended up with 2. But the studio will be a combo studio and guest room. Or rather, it could be a guest room. We are getting a sleeper sofa for the living room as well as the studio, so there will be options.

The room is larger than the one I have now but still don’t know if it can hold all that yarn. I am consolidating as much as I can.

I am looking forward to the move but I am also sad. I have spent most of my life in this house. This house is next door to the house Mr. Honey grew up in. We are starting way over.

This has been more stressful than I expected. I will be happy when we are free to go back and forth and work together to make this our place. But I will miss the privacy of the house. 

Any ideas on how to make a move out and a move in easier? I need all the help I can get. Drop a note in the comments with tips and tricks!

I really like the feather and fan stitch. So imagine my surprise when I discovered the stitch I was doing was not the feather and fan stitch.

I think of the feather and fan as a beautiful stitch, full of texture and a great look. When I saw the Ice Yarns Magic Glitz, I knew I would put the two of them together.

I have to say, I’m pleased with the result. I will have a lot to say about the yarn when I do the review. I can give you a heads up…I’m gonna like it. Putting the stitch into a round for a cowl was a nice little challenge and it ended up as an intermediate level pattern. It’s available at designbcb. And at Ravelry.

This won’t be the last time I use the stitch. I already have it in two other Glitz cowls and it is going into a hat and gloves.

So, what’s the difference between shale and fan and feather? Fan and feather uses more stitches and is thicker. Almost everything is the same except it takes more stitches to do the fan and feather than shale stitch.

It will probably look the same to some people but you should be able to detect the difference upon a closer inspection. I do intend on using both together and an afghan is raising its hand to be selected.

Do you have a favorite stitch? I don’t know that I have a favorite but there are some enjoyable stitches out there. With the knowledge I discovered, I now enjoy two where there once was one being called the wrong name.

I’d be interested in knowing your favorite stitches. Leave a comment below and I will check them out. I’m always on the lookout for a good stitch to create something beautiful.


Grocery Shopping in Chicago. Market place bag in Purple. Available at designbcb

Grocery Shopping in Chicago. The Market Bag in Renegade






If you go grocery shopping in Chicago and you don’t bring your own bags, it will cost you $0.07 per bag. Now, that’s not a lot of money, depending on how many bags you will need. Three bags is my goal. A great deal depends on the checker. It can end up being almost a bag for each item.

I started bringing my own handmade bags. This saved money and allowed control over how the bags were filled. I have one firm sided back someone made for me and I have my market bag I knit myself.

I’ve nagged myself to get Farmer Market bags in the shop. It would make sense to have something that would get folks to the shop over the warmer months and also provide a service. I love using my bag so it would make sense that those who are far more eco-friendly than I could use them.

So, here they are. And there’s one in wine that’s complete and one in orange still on the needles. What can I say? They are a pretty quick knit and the pattern was fun to come up.

I’m using two different yarns for these bags. The always reliable, Lily Sugar and Cream and Village Yarn from Herrschners. I will do reviews on each of them at a later date. (You can find my yarn reviews here.)

If you want to purchase the bags ready to ship or made to order, check them out here. Did you get it? Check them out? Anyway…

You can also make them for yourself or for someone else. I have to admit, I think they make a great gift by itself or bundled. Make one and fill it with other eco-friendly items like paper goods, soaps, towels and give them to the student or first time homeowner. Get the pattern.

Fold them up and keep them tucked in your bag or glove box so they’re ready for grocery shopping in Chicago. It shouldn’t cost you extra because you have to make a quick trip for a few things. This way, you’re ready and saving the planet and some coin.