Big Twist Cotton Yarn

Big Twist Cotton

Big Twist Cotton Yarn is part of the growing family of Big Twist yarns available at JoAnn Fabric. As far as cotton yarns go, it moves up on my list above Sugar N Cream though it may not go as high as Craft Cotton or Soho Cotton Chic.

First, it’s not 100% cotton. It is 85% cotton with the other 15% polyester. That means it behaves differently than 100% cotton and feels different, too. It’s softer and smoother but that doesn’t mean a lot. There’s a definite difference between it and Sugar N Cream that makes it more tolerable but the difference between it and Village Craft cotton makes you want to put them both down.

Don’t get me wrong, Big Twist stays on the list of cotton yarns I will purchase in a pinch. It comes in a nice variety of colors and is readily available for me to pick up. I like the drape of the hat and It began to soften a little as I used it so I’m thinking it will soften with its first wash.

But is a little rough to the feel and it splits more than Jennifer Lopez. But I would gladly make market bags out of it and that may be the fate for the other three skeins I purchased. Big Twist Cotton Yarn comes in 24 colors – the variegated colorways has 96 yards compared to 131 of the solid skeins. You’ll need two of them to make the Waffle Stitch beanie. It costs $1.99 full price and since there’s always some sort of price reduction going on, you can find a way to pay even less. 




Content: 85% cotton,15%polyester

Weight Category: 4 Weight: 1,94 oz, 96 yds stripes, 131 yards solids

Knit Gauge: 4 in = 18 stitches on size 8 needles

Recommended Crochet Hook Size: I-9

Care: Machine wash warm. Tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.