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Caron Chunky Cakes

Contents: 100% acrylic
Skein Weight: 9.8 oz. / 280 g
Yardage: 297 yd. / 271 m
Knitting Gauge:
11 sts – 14 rows = 4″ (10 cm)
Crochet Gauge:
8 sc – 9 rows = 4″ (10 cm)
Suggested Knitting Needle:
8 mm, US – 11
Suggested Crochet Hook:
8 mm, US – L 11
Machine Wash and dry



OK, this is where things get a little unfair. It’s like when you judge the new boyfriend by what the old boyfriend has done. That was baggage he didn’t pack but he’s has to carry it. For a little while anyway.

Caron Chunky Cakes has to carry the baggage of Caron Tea Cakes which were wonderful and now as rare as King Tut’s teeth.

It takes a moment before the Chunky Cakes comes into its own. But it does. It is really soft, really nice to work with – I’ve only crocheted with it. It has a pretty good feel to it. Though I will say, it does feel like an acrylic yarn – but a good one.

I haven’t found it to be splitty or temperamental. I bet it would knit up into a nice lush something or another. The color change is chunky as well. There’s no melding of colors; it just changes. It doesn’t shock and they go well together.

I don’t have a lot of this on hand. I have made two cowls with the two colors I know I had and a quick look around doesn’t show me any others. 

Like other Caron Cakes, you can find it at Michael’s and sometimes online at Yarnspirations. It runs $9.99 so you know I only get it on sale. Probably explains why I don’t have that much of it. I certainly wouldn’t run from it but of the 10 colors they have, I’m not in love with many of them. That’s another grudge I’m holding compared to the Tea Cakes, these colors are brighter and sometimes more garish. Which is why I would need to see them in store before I got some.new colors.

Overall, it’s a nice yarn. Can’t classify it as a favorite but I did have fun using a P hook to make the cowl. And girls just wanna have fun. I like the Tea Cakes better but I won’t kick it out of the stash.