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Start a blog, they said. If you’re serious about business, you’re gonna need a blog. This originally started as the Knitter’s Restaurant. Meant to be a smorgasbord of knitting. Things change over the years. Knitter’s Restaurant was the victim of a bad hosting company. I changed hosts and decided on a change of things and even that was a little while ago and here I am now. The Last Train to Knitsville

I am still interested in all things knitting but I am also interested in different crafts (though not doing them, I’m a knit and crochet girl and that’s about all I can manage.) I am interested in what interests other crafters, though. And I am also interested in the art of gift making and gift giving. I suppose there is an art to gift receiving as well.

So, this is a place for knitting and crochet and what comes with it: yarn reviews, techniques, accessories; that kind of thing. But it will also be a place to take a look at the other crafts that enthrall folks the way knit and crochet enthralls knitters and crocheters. This will always be a work in progress because we want to always strive.

But this place welcomes though who don’t create gifts but believes a handcrafted gift is a special thing. We hope they will come and find artisans who will have the very thing they are looking for. designbcb is my Etsy shop for handcrafted gifts and knit and crochet patterns. I hope to showcase other shops.

There is a mailing list: http://bit.ly/designbcblist  Signing up will bring two publications to your mailbox: The Lookbook, the collection of items that are just in or coming in designbcb. and Dando, the gift giving/making guide. Gift making and giving are year round things and there’s so much to know that will make both easier, fun and stress free (or at least stress freer.)

I invite you to buy a ticket and Catch the Last Train to Knitsville and enjoy the crafting and gifting world.