The Boyfriend Beanie

My boyfriend’s back and there’s gonna be trouble. The Boyfriend beanie is a simple, garter stitch beanie, not a purl in sight unless you decide to knit it in the round. It looks well enough in a solid or solid tweed. See it here at designbcb but it came to life when I used this variegated fiber, Loops and Threads Charisma.

Done in a chunky knit, the texture is easy to see and feel. It is soft ad squishy and has great color. This fiber has been sitting in my stash for several years and when I decided on the hat, it waved its little hand at me and I picked it up. It took a couple of times before I got the pattern down. I used size 11 bamboo needles and I put too few stitches on the first time.

It has some slouch but not much and it can be worn with a cuff or without. It’s a cozy, warm knit suitable for guys and gals. In a few hours, experienced knitters will have a new lid.

The Charisma has been sitting in the stash for years. Seriously, it’s been at least five years. I’m glad I pulled it out and I’m glad it’s still available at Michael’s. It works up well and is soft and squishy. The colors are vibrant. It is 100% acrylic and it won’t be mistaken for anything else. But just look at it in the photo. It looks even better in real life.

The Boyfriend Beanie is available as a finished object and as a pattern.