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Ice Yarns – Saver 100

  • Fiber Content:
    100% Acrylic
    Needle Size: 5mm/US 8
    100 gr. / 3.53 oz.per ball
    175 m.191 yds.per ball
    Yarn Thickness
    4 Medium: Worsted
    Gauge :14 stitches and 19 rows on 10 cm x 10 cm (4′ x 4′)

Ice Yarns – Saver 100 is my first time trying Ice Yarns. The company as a whole seems to be a love em or hate em kinda thing. There are those that love them and those that love Hobium. For me, I haven’t tried Hobium but I am an Ice fan.

Saver seems to be the equivalent of I Love This Yarn. They are both made in Turkey, both are very soft and both have lots of colors. 

What I love about Saver is the feel and the drape. This is a worsted weight yarn that has a lush feel and knits up very nicely. Take a look at the cable, it pops out form the hat and you can definitely see the texture. The stitch definition is consistent. It almost looks like a chunky weight yarn.

I haven’t crocheted with it. I knit with double points and nickel plated needles. I didn’t run into splitting or knots. It didn’t slip of catch off the needles.

It sells for $1.25 a ball but you have to buy it in a pack of 4. So, $5.00 for 764 yards. You spend that much for a single skein of I Love This Yarn with half the yardage.

Now, I purchased this as part of a huge order of $146 which $50 was shipping. $96 was yarn – 64 skeins of yarn. That comes to $2.25 a ball. There is no way to get around the shipping cost but it did arrive in less than 5 days. I don’t have a problem making this my go to base yarn and would certainly order it again but I would wait until I had to order a big shipment.

I really like working with this yarn. I ordered this in six colors and can’t wait to get to the other colors. If you can swing it, this is definitely worth sending for.