Moving Closer

cleaning Everyday housework

The rest of the office is still in shambles. There won’t be any before photos because even with great after pictures, that would still qualify me for the next Hoarders special. I can live without that. But we are moving closer to the finish line – kinda like mile three of a marathon closer. There’s …

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I Got Nuthin’

administration cleaning

Nuthin’. I got nuthin’. Well, that’s not exactly true. Another shelf has been cleared and fourth one almost cleared. There are some more books to add to the stack that will be going to Economy Shop and they may be books someone is actually interested in. There’s books on gardening and graphic design (tools from …

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The Project


Let’s get something straight off the bat: this is not my office/craft room. My room is dark and cluttered with books, papers and free range and caged yarn. There are two desks, two bookcases, 30 bins and countless bags of yarn. Along with the papers and books. None of it is tidy.  I love a …

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Dirty Trick


I woke up this morning excited for the knitting. I finished the Caron Cowl. It actually has a name. It’s called the Warm Up cowl. Nonetheless, I woke up thinking about working. And it hit me: my yarn is playing a dirty trick. Recall please, that I noted finishing the cowl was finishing 6/10 of …

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