About Knitsville

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A place where knitting and gift giving come together


I’m Beverly Bochenek. And I love to knit and crochet. I learned in grade school on pencils because I didn’t have needles or hooks. I only had one ball of crochet thread. I also had fun.

My sister gifted me needles and yarn and I proceeded to make the most hideous scarf. My mother called it a Joseph scarf because it had many colors. It was poorly executed but I was rather proud.

Life intervened and knitting/crochet went by the wayside, appearing every now and again, until after I was married. My mother-in-law was a master at crafting and gardening and because I wanted to impress her, my knitting needles made a reappearance.

I founded a knitting group at my church and soon found my house filled with finished objects. That lead us to start selling our wares at the biannual pancake breakfast. I found myself turning out more items than a twice a year sale could handle but there was no slowing down.

I was hooked – no pun intended – and I wasn’t about to put down the needles again. I needed someplace to go. I’m not sure who it was that told me about Etsy or if I found it on my own but I started designbcb on Etsy and I haven’t looked back. Knitsville is the place in my spirit where I create the items I am pleased to offer.

Over the years, the response from my buyers and shoppers have told me I have a place to find gifts for special people given by the people who love them. The holidays are, of course, prime gift giving time but gift giving isn’t limited to that time of year and it is my goal to provide you with handcrafted gift options all year long.

Knitting/crochet are spiritual gifts and it is a skill I am happy to share from my heart to yours.